My Review Of Tails Of A Country Garden Author Phil Janes

fleet 2

Tails Of A Country Garden

Author Phil Janes

Tails Of A Country Garden I came across this book the other day and being a cat lover thought this book might be right up my alley to read over the weekend. It didn’t disappoint I was gripped by following Fleet, Strongclaw  and  friends as they commanded their human servants and explored their outside land. I loved how Phil really take his  reader in the mind-set of cats and other more wildly animals throughout the story…

The story itself  follows Fleet as he grows  from an in-house kitten to a free roaming cat as he’s released into his garden to explore his and  Strongclaw’s land. He meets many animals and new smells as he ventures further and further away from home. His head full of knowledge that his other cats from home had fed him of their adventures… However, one day fleet goes too far feeling the roar of noise and the thudding of fear as he becomes lost and alone. Will he make it home safe and sound? Read this book to find out…   

I loved Strongclaw in this book he reminded me of one of those cats who is  a bit grumpy and wants  all the land and food to himself..

This book is  really well written and a rather lovely story about cats and their thoughts and adventures. I would recommend this book if you love cats and want to go on an adventure with three very different and special cats as they feel their way around their land.

If you’d like to give this book a try it’s on Amazon..

Link:Tails of a Country Garden




Today I’m excited to be interviewing Anne Allen about her novel Echoes of Time

Iphoto for emailToday I’m excited to be interviewing Anne Allen about her novel Echoes of Time

 Welcome Anne please tell us a little about yourself and your novel.

I’m a late-comer to writing, having only started in my, ahem, middle years, (assuming everyone will live to 100 from now on, yes?). I often had the ‘itch’ to write but was focused on my career as a psychotherapist and bringing up three children on my own. Then, some years ago I was a reluctant entrant (pushed by my mother!) into a writing competition run by Prima magazine. They wanted a True- Life story and I won the first prize of £500 ☺ Deciding that writing wasn’t such a bad idea, I then wrote my first novel, Dangerous Waters, a romantic mystery, published in 2012. Now retired as a therapist, I devote more time to writing, and have now written five books in The Guernsey Novels series.

‘Echoes of Time’ is a story set in dual time, something I haven’t done before, but thoroughly enjoyed writing. The focus is on two women; Olive, a young woman during the German Occupation of Guernsey; and Natalie who in the present time buys what was Olive’s old farm. Olive made a bad decision when she married Bill Falla, a coarse and violent man, as she found to her cost. Then a German officer comes into her life and…well, you’ll have to read the book!

Natalie has returned to Guernsey to escape an abusive ex-boyfriend and buys a beautiful cottage built on the site of Olive’s farm. She’s seeking peace and quiet after leaving a high-powered job in London, but the cottage is far from peaceful. Disembodied voices, moving objects and disturbing visions bring her to the brink. And then there’s her neighbour, Stuart, Olive’s grandson. Something else she hadn’t bargained for…

What inspired you to create your novel?

All my books have made reference to the Occupation, it having a long-lasting effect on Guernsey and the islanders. I lived there for many years and one of my sons still lives on the island and I came to know the island psyche well. With ‘Echoes of Time’ I wanted to write a more in-depth account of what happened during the war and tie it in to the present day. I was particularly inspired by Barbara Erskine’s book, ‘The Darkest Hour’, set partly in WWII and partly in the present. Thank you, Barbara!

What is your writing routine?

I write mainly from late-morning onwards, but it’s not a fixed routine. If the Muse decides to take a holiday then. As my own boss, sometimes it’s difficult to motivate myself, but if the writing flows then I’ll carry on until early evening.

What surprised you most while writing your novel?

How much I enjoyed writing about the historical part of the book. I felt really ‘there’ while writing those chapters.

Did you have to do a lot of research while writing your novel?

Yes, far more than for the others. I read several books written about the Occupation, quoting loads of facts and figures, and a couple of diaries kept by local women. Fascinating stuff! Also, I had to research the ghostly element to the story, which proved equally interesting.

Did you have a favourite place you like to write, while you were creating your novel?Echoes of Time 3D Cover

I tend to type straight to the computer, which ties me to my study. I’ve never been able to write absolutely anywhere like some writers. But I’ll jot down outlines of chapters, characters etc out in the garden or while travelling.

Describe what your Muse looks like to you in three words.

Mocking, smiling, playful.

What part of writing your novel did you most enjoy?

The chapters set around Olive’s story. She had such varied experiences and endured so much hardship during the Occupation, as did all the islanders.

Are you a planner or discovery writer?

A planner for the most part, but sometimes the Muse takes me by surprise and I end up leaving my planned path. It pays not to be too rigid, I’ve found.

Who are your favourite Authors?

Barbara Erskine, Erica James, Robert Goddard, CJ Sansom, Linda Gillard and several others. I love finding new authors!

What was the best advice you’ve ever had while writing your novels?

Keep going!

What projects are you working on next?

Not wanting to waste the extensive research I’ve done for ‘Echoes of Time’, I felt the need to write another book set partly in the Occupation. Called ‘The Betrayal’ it will be the story of a painting by Renoir, stolen from a Jew living in Guernsey who is betrayed to the Germans by a supposed friend. The modern part of the story deals with the fatal repercussions of the betrayal and theft. And there’s a love story too!

Do you have any advice for fellow writers who maybe undertaking creating their first novel at this very moment?

Write what you enjoy and don’t try to write what you think others might want to read. Write from the heart and it will flow better. And if you’re writing about real places, it pays to have some first-hand knowledge to create a true sense of place.

Thank you Anne for taking time to do this blog interview, It has been great to hear about  your novel. I wish you all the success with your novel and any other writing projects you may undertake in the future.

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The first 3 titles of Anne Allen’s books  are 99p/99c each between 12th and 19th August.



Amazon Author Page:  ref=ntt_dp_epwbk_0

Link to Amazon for Echoes of Time: Echoes of Time (The Guernsey Novels Book 5)



My Review of To The Moon And Back…

Moon and Back


Wow!!! To The Moon And Back is one emotional and gripping read, with relatable character’s who take you on a very personal and emotional journey that will leave your heart pounding, emotions running high and praying for things to work out for Anne and her life…

The story itself… Follows Anne as she collapses outside and is helped Adrian who see her bleeding and insists she goes to his hospital. He does tests on her and makes a heartbreaking discovery  that would change her life in ways she could never could have for-seen as she sit to write a letter to the man she loved to tell him all…. Will she survive her diagnosis  or will her fight be in vain for a life she longs for? Read this heart-warming  emotional and gripping book….

I thought Patricia did a great job a portraying how getting the worst kinda news and knowing that you don’t have the money yet to even begin to fight it…. I could feel Anne’s fear that her life could be over, that her marriage too. And there isn’t a thing she can do about it…. Even with time ticking away… I think a lot of the things mentions in this book is very real thought process that some women go through what Anne did.

I thought the ending was very surprising and left a few question in the  air  for another book with a lot of the interesting characters throughout.

If you like reading books with an emotional message and a journey of Anne as she faces some of the more emotional and hard times in her life. As well as follows lots of quirky and interesting characters along the way this books a must read. I couldn’t put this book down until I had read the end…

To The Moon And Back Is Out Now

Link. To The Moon And Back..





Guest post: The Adventures of Shifting Jack….

Denise author photoThe Adventures of Shifting Jack

The attraction of shape-shifters…

I’ve always been an avid reader of books about science fiction, aliens, shape-shifters and fantasy fiction in general. But I particularly love the idea of shape-shifters. I would love to be able to shape-shift, who wouldn’t, but since I can’t, the next best things for me, is to write about them!

Shape-shifters are loyal, honest, good people, all the characteristics I admire. Physically they are tall, muscular and good-looking, what’s not to like. They also have the advantage of regeneration, they live longer and heal quickly, all qualities which I’m sure appeal to us all.

I started writing about shape-shifters in my first novel, The Essence. It’s based on a planet called Nageena, where the inhabitants can shape-shift into various animals. My ten-year-old son wanted to know what I was writing and when I started to read him a section about the shape-shifters, he was mesmerised, his face lit up and he looked at me in awe that I could come up with something like that. That was when I thought it could be a subject for a children’s book and the idea of Shifting Jack was born.

Shifters can turn into various different animals, birds, bears, wolves, dolphins.  With each new book in the Shifting Jack series I intend to introduce a new type of shifter. I’ve started on the second story now, but I’m not prepared to reveal which one will be in this next book, people will have to buy it to find out!

As my family now live in Cyprus I wanted to base the book here. We are also environmentalists so I hoped to be able to raise awareness of environmental issues. Making children think about these things at an early age can only be a good thing. Hunting is quite big in Cyprus, so it seemed an ideal opportunity to raise it. My husband is quite heavily involved in the protection of birds here, so it seemed appropriate to have Jack shifting into a bird.

Cover reduced (600x960)

About the book…

Jack has always known that he and his little sister, Lily, are different to other children, but he doesn’t know why – until the family moves to North Cyprus.

Jack thinks he’s going to like it here; school is okay, he makes new friends, and Lily is happy too. Then one afternoon, Jack and Lily are involved in an earthquake and their world is turned upside down. Jack not only finds out his dad isn’t exactly his dad, but that none of his family is exactly human either…

The whole family is thrown into danger, and Jack knows it’s his job to protect Lily, whatever that takes. In pursuit of illegal animal hunters, a strange school teacher, and the truth, Jack does his best – but he is only nine years old, will his best be good enough?

The Adventures of Shifting Jack: A New Home is available on Amazon at

My Review of Baby by Marie Campbell



by Marie Campbell

Baby by Marie Campbell is a very gripping, emotional and chilling story. I read this book within a night the chapters were a great size and the storyline so gripping I couldn’t put it down half-finished… I found the character’s very interesting especial Anne and Jill. Both women were so different, Jill was kindhearted normal kinda lady and Anne had been though a lot over her life and it had  turned her a bit twisted. But they had something in common they both loved Michael in their own way. Only Jill was his future and Anne his past.    

The story itself  follows the twisted love triangle of Anne, Michael and Jill. After Jill finds out she is having Michael’s baby they both start to plan their happy life together. Only Michael past girlfriend Anne returns into his life. Man-naps him and holds him  in her home, while she plays with  his emotions and befriends Jill just waiting for the day she can take her baby and make a family with Michael. Will she  get the family she wants anyhow she pleases? Or will Michael and Jill find a way to save themselves? Read this book to find out.

Even through Anne is a rather twisted woman in this book I did at some points find myself feel sorry for her and what had pushed her over the edge of thinking clearly. I think Marie did a great job of helping the reader see things from everyone point of view and the ending was chilling with a few twists that will not disappoint…

I would recommend Baby to anyone who likes an intense, chilling and emotional read with well-rounded characters and an ending that will leave you hoping there’s another book around the corner at some point. Then this book is for you.

Baby  by Marie Campbell is out now  on Amazon

If you’d like to give this book a try here’s the Link:Baby by Marie Campbell

My Review of The Adventures of Shifting Jack By Denise Erguler.

Cover reduced (600x960)

The Adventures of Shifting Jack  By Denise Erguler

The Adventures of Shifting Jack is a nice read for young kids around 9-10 years old I think, who love a bit of adventure and mystery surrounding young Jack and his little sister Lilly. I enjoyed the characters in this book and the ending was nice as well.

The story itself follows Jack as he starts a new school with his little sister Lilly. He has a very close bond with her and can feel when she’s happy, sad, hurt. He finds himself going to her rescue a few times in the story.  Later, he find out about his families prophecy and how it has already started to affect him as he changes between a human and a bird something his mother and father has tried to protect him from. Now he has to use his new-found power for good and discover the part of him his parents have sheltered him from. Does he? Or will he end up in huge trouble? Read this story to find out.

I also liked that in the book the Denise touched upon his father not being his real dad, but he would always be his dad no matter about blood relation. I thought it was a nice idea to approach the subjected and was handle well in the story but also a lot for a nine year old to accept. I loved how close Jack was to his sister Lilly and their relationship throughout.

I would recommend this book if you like stories with adventure, shape shifting and love for family at the heart of it.

You can grab a copy of this book on Amazon.

Link The Adventures of Shifting Jack: A New Home Kindle Edition by Denise Ersalahi Erguler

Love In Little Snow Audiobook giveaway.


This is Smokey’s First Memory of Snow…

Love In Little Snow Audiobook.

Love in Little Snow is now out in Audiobook. I thought it be nice to have a giveaway of one audible code to get a free copy of the audiobook on audible. To enter tell me about your favourite memory when it has snowed or your favourite thing about one of your Christmases and then I’ll pick a name out of the cup on September 1st. Leave an email address or way to get hold of you for if your name’s picked.

katrina love in little snow

Love in Little Snow’s


Dr. Bailey Cartwrite is devastated when his girlfriend, Lucy, is killed. But in her last act of love, Lucy appears to Bailey as an angel and sends him to the world of Little Snow – the snow globe world. All Bailey must do to find what is lacking in his life, is believe in the magic of Christmas.

Bailey wakes up in Little Snow to find himself married with a baby son. Together with Holly, the woman who says she is now his wife, Bailey starts to learn about the life he’s supposedly created with her. In doing so, he realizes that Holly, too, is facing heartbreak. Can Bailey renew his trust in God and find peace and true love with Holly?

You can hear a sample of Love in Little Snow on Amazon

Link here Love In Little Snow.