In Memory Of Our Lovely Jessie.


My Heart Will Never leave You… 

On this day  I have to go, 

my soul is needed somewhere else I Know.

Meadows green and trees that call,

I must leave you with my heart that’s all.


You’ll be fine; you’ll find a way,

 life’s so great and sun shines even on this heartbreaking day.

Swaying underneath our last hug, my tail waggle and I know I’m so loved.


I whisper in your ear a light bark; for you’ve always given me my happy spark.

Then in our car I go to a world full of adventure and pretty rainbows.

So please  don’t grieve for me for you’ve shown me so much of life.


There’s no more I can say, as we bid farewell today.

all I can promise as I float away;  is my heart is yours to stay.




Jessie Loved Always

Our beautiful Jessie passed away today. She had a progressive tumour and there was just nothing more we/ the vet could do for our special girl. She was an amazing dog who got in to everyone she ever meet’s heart. Especially my mum who spent so much tie taking her to puppy classes and loving her so much. Tonight the house feels so empty, and we are all hurting and missing her.

She gave us so many amazing memories, she loved to throw her empty bowl at us and shake her paw with us. She was a true fighter after she stopped walking as a puppy and  got back on the walking horse but she never forgot her paw massages even at 7 she’d come to us to massage her paw.

Our Jessie loved Christmas and loved opening gifts in her last days leading up to her operations she had presents early and loved her toys. She had a special toy from when she was a puppy. a pink toy handbag and this week she took to carrying it about once more.

But most of all Jessie loved running in her garden even in snowing weather she’d race round the garden and she loved spending time with my Smokey.

She will be loved always a deeply missed, our house is so quiet and lonely without her.


Jessie snow moment in the garden.

RIP over rainbow bridge my friend. Died 09/12/2016.

New Release The Essence Denise Ersalahi Erguler (Mobi Give Away)

the-essence-2Congratulations Denise on your new book. Demise has kindly offered one lucky winner a mobi version of her new release. So please come along and read about the book check it out on amazon and comment below with your name and email address to be in with a chance to win a copy of The Essence.  Winner Vittoria  your copy’s on its way. My review of this book will follow soon.

Blurb The Essence

How far would you go for the man of your dreams? To another town, another country or … another planet?

On a perfectly ordinary day in Central London, the perfectly ordinary Fiona falls through a sink hole and wakes up on the Planet Nageena. There, in a parallel world, war is raging between two factions, the Geenans and the Kwades, and both sides believe that Fiona has the secret that will save their world.

All Fiona knows is that she has finally come face to face with the man she has been dreaming of – literally – every night for as long as she can remember … and he doesn’t want to know.

Can Fiona possibly save Nageena? And how far will she be risking not only her dreams but her own life to do it…?



About the Author

Denise Ersalahi Erguler moved to North Cyprus 10 years ago from London. She lives with her husband, Olkan, and two children, Ayla age 7 and Adil, age 10.  In her past life, Denise was an interior designer concentrating on open office space.

Denise is currently battling a rare form of brain cancer, when she is well enough she helps run the family business, a successful fabric and home furniture store. Denise writes for children and adults, and The Essence is her first adult/young adult Sci-Fi fantasy book.

You can find Denise:

Twitter: @Denise_Jack16


Book Link

In Memory Of My Nan Who Died 04/12/2016. A Angels Welcome.


The Angels Welcome. 

I sent a wish way up high, to a band of angels singing in the night sky. Their halos shone bright, their wings as white as a doves in the moonlight. All I wanted from the angels was for them to bathe my Nanna in their magical love.

I looked up to the sky above and told them all about a magical woman so happy and not very tall. She’d loved her bird, she’d made blankets for sick wildlife. All the while she’d told everyone she’d had a wonderful life. 

I told the angels as I hoped they could hear, that today was their time for them to gather by her bedside and show her the way, tell her she’s loved and won’t suffer this day. Show her a land so full of magic and little pretty birds, whisper it’s time to fly with the herd.

I hoped that they listened and flew very fast, to a hospital bed not very far. As she lay sleeping I hope they told her it all, and made today easier for the woman so lovely and whose chatter was louder than us all.

I followed the brightest star in the sky and whispered so quietly ‘I love you and goodbye’ and as its light got bright in the sky .I knew. she too, had become an angel so bright. I stood for a while letting my grief go, for down here on earth we miss her so.



(For Jean)

Last night I read  The Flower Angel to my Nanna as she clutched her copy. Sadly this morning my Nanna passed away of cancer  at 84 years old. She was loved by all who knew her, and she touched many people’s hearts. She was a lovely Nanna who tried to help animals by knitting them blankets even while she was so ill herself. And had a deep love for her bird Rose who stayed with her until she was brought into hospital this week.

Nanna loved reading and loved my books. She inspired me to read and write more, and she loved Christmas time with us every year. Sadly last year was her last with us.  But she had the best time, even sang Christmas songs with my sister. She seemed so happy. She will be thought about often and missed a lot. I wrote this poem for her and felt I wanted to put it on my blog, my way of dealing with her passing away.

My Nanna was a wonderful woman, she had hard times in her life. But fought through them, she lost people she loved along the way of getting older, but she still kept hope and love in her heart. I know if she was here she’d say be happy with what you have and love those you care about. Be kind to each other and your fellow animal friends and never give up even if things seem impossible.

We love her so much and have so many fond memories of her, like when she taught me to knit as a little girl. Those are the times and memories I’ll keep in my heart.



Rest with the Angel. We’ll miss you dearly.

Guest Auther Linda Weaver Clarke Talking About: The Rebel Series–Stories of Love and Liberty



The Rebel Series–Stories of Love and Liberty

There was a time when swashbuckling men and brave women engaged in daring and romantic adventures, those who fought with bravery and valor. These courageous men and women were looked up to because they defended the people.

“This creative take on a Robin Hood-like story is charming and touching, and teaches some great morals about agency and choice. It reminded me of childhood fairytales of good versus evil, with a nice romance weaved into it.” –Author Charissa Stastny

In The Rebels of Cordovia, a group of men and women who called themselves Robin’s Rebels realize they must help the people survive this oppression. In this battle for freedom, a love story begins to blossom. Daniel, a rogue and a leader of the Freemen, doesn’t realize that the sweet feminine woman he has met and is falling for happens to be the leader of Robin’s Rebels. Realizing the importance of uniting all the rebel groups, Daniel tries to recruit Robin’s Rebels but they refuse. Now he has to find a way to convince them. When he finds out the leader is actually a woman, what will his reaction be?rebels-of-cordovia-web-55

After reading this story, Susan Ortlieb from Suko’s Notebook Reviews wrote: “Linda Weaver Clarke writes with passion and grace, and the love story in this book is simply wonderful. In fact, this aspect of the story was the strongest draw for me. (Are love stories set in the past more romantic than those set in the present day?) I thought that Robin and Daniel sounded perfect for each other, and I enjoyed the steady development of their relationship. This charming book was a pleasure to read, and I relished it.”

The tales from The Rebel Series have adventure, sweet romance, and delectable kisses. These are stories of love and liberty that takes place between the 18th and 19th Century. In the sequel, The Highwayman of Cordovia, the people enjoy their new-found liberty but all is not well. One year after Cordovia gains its freedom, a group of powerful men plan to take over the small country and replace the leader with a king.

With the help of a bold highwayman and a pastor’s daughter, they try to save their country from being taken over by a power-hungry leader. As they strive to stop the Kingmen and thwart their plans, Christine finds herself falling in love with Austin Knight. The only problem with their relationship is that she thinks he is her knight in shining armor instead of a highwayman. If she finds out his trade, what will her reaction be? As a pastor’s daughter, will love override her values?

“Linda Weaver Clarke has a storyteller’s talent for enchanting and mesmerizing the audience. There are also some exciting surprises and twists that will delight the heart. Definitely a must read!” –Cindi Clubbs, Mommasez Reviews


About the Author

Linda Weaver Clarke has traveled throughout the United States, teaching people to write their family history. She is the author of historical romances, mystery/adventure series, a children’s book, and a cozy mystery series. All her books are family friendly. Read sample chapters at

Buy links:

Rebels of Cordovia:

Highwayman of Cordovia:

Watch a book Trailer below!

 The Rebels of Cordovia


My Review: The Highwayman of Cordovia (The Rebels Series Book 2)


My Review

The Highwayman of Cordovia (The Rebels Series Book 2)

Author: Linda Weaver Clarke


I really enjoyed The Highwayman of Cordovia, it’s a great addition in The Rebels Series. I loved following Christine and Austin throughout this story. Christine is a very brave strong woman who has strong believes,  as she rekindled her friendship with the impish  but kind-hearted Austin I couldn’t help but want to read on and find out if there was more than just friendship between them.

The story itself is about men and women who make up a rebel  group, they get together to stop a powerful man who want to become king and rule over Cordovia, as they come up with a plan to stop the man from becoming king and destroying the lives of the people who reside in Cordovia.  Austin begins falling deeper and deeper in love with Christine, however he has a secret of his own that is holding him back from letting himself express the feelings in his heart. Will they be able to save Cordovia from a potential power-hungry king? Will Christine and Austin confess their feeling for each other? Read this book to find out,

I also loved that we meet some old faces from the first book in The Highwayman of Cordovia and get to see just how their lives have changed from where the first one ended. Linda Weaver Clarke  does a great job at creating strong independent female characters and scenes that are easy to imagine.

If you like books were good try to tip the balance over the wrong dong of others and woman can stand their own ground in any disagreement. You’ll love this book. I highly recommend this story.

Link:  The Highwayman of Cordovia (The Rebels Series Book 2)

The Flower Angel Out November 30th. Read Prologue Here.


The Flower Angel 

I’m excited  to say  my new Novella: The Flower Angel is now up for pre-order until the 30th of November. I’m so blessed to have great friend, boyfriend and family who inspired me while writing my novella. This is the prologue from the beginning of The Flower Angel…





“It’s going to be okay. What’s your name?”

Lara reached for the man with the emerald eyes who bent down beside her. In the glow of her headlights she saw blue forget-me-nots had dropped from his hands and landed on her chest. She tried to sit up, to speak, and recall what had just happened. But her head felt stuck to the ground, her throat as dry as sandpaper.

“I didn’t see you! Did you have your lights on? What’s a woman doing out here past midnight?” Mr. Emerald Eyes moved her long blonde hair out of her eyes and kept talking, his voice screaming in her ears.

Was he saying this was her fault? Lara wanted to tell him of course she had her lights on, it must have been him. Did he plunge his car into her little runabout? The car her mum and dad forced her to buy as soon as she’d left home.

Her eyes drifted shut as a coldness spread over her body, and she wondered if this was it. Was she about to die here? At least she already had flowers to mark the spot where she felt like she’d slip away. She tried to think beautiful thoughts as another of the flowers shimmered in the glow of the headlight as it fell.

“Look, I need an ambulance, there was a crash and a young woman is bleeding on the side of the road. No, I don’t know her name. We’re a mile down the road from Forget-Me-Not Inn. Hurry!”

Lara heard him yell down the phone then the click of the hang up button. She felt him touch her head and murmur, “God, please not me, not today. Don’t let me have given this woman a death sentence. I’m sure she’s a good person and I couldn’t live with myself. I’ll do anything! Anything! Just let her live. Amen.”

Charming, Lara thought, here she was lying on the cold floor and Mr. Emerald Eyes was already writing her off.

 The sound of the ambulance roared closer as Lara felt everything drift away from her…

Paperback Link:The Flower Angel.

E-book Link:The Flower Angel.

I hope everyone is well and having a great weekend.



My Review of: London The Story of a Misunderstood Dog Author LJ ( Short story)




The Story of a Misunderstood Dog

Author LJ

London: The Story of a Misunderstood Dog is beautifully illustrated  and a lovely short story to read and look at the lovely dog images. I read this book to my dog Jessie as she’s not well right now but she laid down and enjoyed hearing me read about London and his friend Kona. I think this book is the perfect book for adults to read to children and for dog lovers too.

The story itself is about London when he gets adopted and finds a forever home. However, like dogs are London gets up to all sorts of doggie fun as he settles in to his new home. Will he learn to be good dog and get on well with his family? Read this short story to find out.

I loved at the end how the author LJ explained a bit about where the story comes from and how spaying and neutering is important. As well as to remember to look into rescuing before buying a dog. I also loved the photo at the end too.

Overall,  I think this story is funny and heartwarming and children and dog lovers would really enjoy learning about London. 

Amazon Link: London The Story of a Misunderstood Dog