I’m delighted to give readers of Katrina’s book blog a preview of my new romantic comedy which will be released on the 9th June but you can pre-order on the 1st June.

This is my first romance since ‘Phoebe Smith’s Private Blog’ and I so hope you like it. It’s titled ‘WHEN ARCHIE MET ROSIE’ and is an ‘Unexpected Romance’

As you may know, my last three books were Psychological thrillers. I really enjoyed writing those too. I know that many of you have been waiting for a romantic comedy and when Archie and Rosie popped into my head I knew they had to be the next romance.

Meet Rosie

Rosie has two dreams. The first is to get off the Tradmore Estate. The second is to see Paris. Rosie’s life, however, it seems, is destined to be one of drudgery. That is, until …

Meet Archie

Archie wants for nothing. Money is no object. Then, Archie loses his beloved Cath after fifty years of marriage and his family only seem interested in his five-bedroom house. That is, until …

Meet Holly

Holly meets her friends for a night out. The unexpected happens. Against all odds, Archie Meets Rosie.


I adore the cover for ‘WHEN ARCHIE MET ROSIE’ I hope you do.

Please join me on Facebook and Twitter. I love to hear from my readers and I would love to hear your thoughts on ‘When Archie Met Rosie’

It’s available to pre-order

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